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As you all probably know by now, I really want Seattle to get an NHL team. I found some concept designs that I think look amazing! I would totally buy a home jersey.


So umm these were designed by my buddy dbroalexander/dbrodesigns.

You should go give him a follow

Don’t forget about number9concepts!!!!

The Seattle Sea Lions logos and jerseys that number9concepts and I made a couple months ago got featured on BarDown on TSN…. 


This was all just posted on my Behance profile. The Chicago Stars complete identity so far… Including logos, jerseys, ice surface, and a sampling of merchandise that could be produced.

The newest team in the AHL… The Adirondack Flames

Chicago Stars CCM Jerseys 

Photos taken for a school sports publication. Photos taken with Nikon D3000

Edmonton Oilers Oil Drop Logo Alternate Jersey for HJC

Remember when the nhl instagrammed a picture of my Sting jersey? I do… I do a lot

I would really love if the Sarnia Sting adopted the alternate jersey I designed for them as one of their primary jerseys… So I designed a white version to go along with it.

I also designed a new alternate jersey. At first look it’s a very simple jersey, BUT, closer look reveals a honeycomb pattern sublimated in the yellow stripes and yoke.

I’m in the process of rebranding all 30 NHL teams PLUS 2 new expansion teams using number9concepts' IceBorn Jersey Template. 

I’ll start with the New York Rangers.

Home and Away stay mostly the same with the exception of the yoke on the away jersey. 

Alternate is a modern version of the classic Lady Liberty jerseys.